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Christmas Live Wallpaper

Santa has a lot of work this year as many people are expecting exciting Xmas gifts. Here is Santa making his magical journey to earth from the North Pole. Do you like Christmas carols or music? Shake your device and you could listen to Christmas songs such as “Jingle Bells”, “We wish you” and “Rudolph”. Listen to sound effects! Tap twice on the screen to listen to sleigh bells and Santa's "HO HO HO" (disabled by default).

Would you like to help Santa Claus achieve his Christmas goal and deliver as many Christmas gifts as he can? Get the premium version and let him teleport himself to your mobile phone in order to get your present on time. If you buy the premium version, you will get snowfall, more Christmas songs, reindeers, magic dust, fireballs gifts. You will see Santa's magical abilities. See him transform into other objects and teleport himself across the world.

Now, this Christmas live wallpaper uses the gyroscope to give 3D perspective, just move your device. If your device doesn't have a gyroscope, it will use the accelerometer as a fake gyroscope in order to get a 3D perspective effect. Of course, you can enable/disable Hologram mode on Settings.

Available on: Android

Game Rating: 4.3/5

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Features of Christmas Live Wallpaper Premium

  • Speed control
  • Sky light. Christmas
  • Snowfall (select amount, speed and direction)
  • Fireballs gifts (select colour and amount)
  • Magic dust that is used by reindeers in order to fly (select colour and amount)
  • More Christmas carols


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Christmas Live Wallpaper is developed by Aqreadd Studios .

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