Linkit A Christmas Carol Game

Linkit A Christmas Carol

Enter the world of Linkit, a unique puzzle game set within a classic piece of literature from times gone by. Match and link items to move through ever more challenging levels while the story of Charles Dickens' masterpiece, A Christmas Carol, plays out around you. Experience a brand new matching technique using your mouse to clear each puzzle, and then sit back and enjoy Dicken's tale, told with beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and characters.

  • Unique levels to master.
  • Lovingly hand-drawn characters.
  • Specially composed music.

Rating: 90%

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Linkit - A Christmas Carol Allows You to Match Tiles in Any Direction

Handling the Game

As far as controls go, what you see is what you get. Anyone who is familiar with using the mouse will feel right at home with Linkit's system. Make links by holding down the mouse button and dragging it across similar tiles to select them. Your basic goal per level remains the same for the entirety of the game: clear all of the colored tiles. In later stages, removing even one will take several matches as they may be locked or layered. Also, stages have a time limit so you'll want to get progressively faster to keep up in later stages.

A Little Something Different

Now that being said, what makes Linkit different from other match three titles? Well, instead of restricting you to straight links, the game allows you to draw a line towards any direction as long as you are passing like tiles. So you can go up, down, side to side, diagonal and even double back to maximize the chain and earn heftier bonuses. Of course, you'll still need to observe a minimum of three matches for your links to count but otherwise, you're free to form zany shapes or even giant letters if the Yuletide icons in play allow it. If you want to connect the tiles to form your initials, we say go for it.

Don't let the new mechanics fool you --this is not an easy game. As is the standard in puzzle titles, the difficulty gradually ramps up as you progress throughout the game. The board changes shape, adding irregular corners to the list challenges you will need to conquer. By the end of the second Act, genre beginners will begin to have trouble as there will already be a number of crafty tricks to deal with at once.

Hammer All Day

While the revamped match three mechanics are pretty cool, the game's Power Up isn't really as impressive. In fact, the limitation to it boggles the mind. Basically you only get one Power Up, which is the Hammer. As you successfully chain similar tiles, a meter fills up. After you've filled it up completely, you can then use the Hammer to break a single tile or one chain. Having more at the get-go would have helped keep the game more exciting, especially for those who are looking for fast-paced game play (or gamers with short attention spans like us). It also takes a while to charge up so it's not that reliable when speed is of the essence.

Stuff They Missed

We also wish that the game would have additional features such as a Relaxed Mode or perhaps minor unlockable extras such as skins for the board. Also, although the illustrations look like they came straight out of a children's story book, the game isn't all that kid-friendly. This is largely due to the game's retry system being a bit harsh. Basically, instead of being able to simply restart at the stage you were in before failing, you are forced to start at the very beginning of an Act if you happen to use up your limited lives. Considering how often a casual player will need to restart levels to wrap things up, it gets downright frustrating.

Also, the game has a glitch where it may stop working once you run out of moves. When this happens, your only option is to restart and wait for Linkit to load again. This is surely a major cause of concern for those who want to play uninterrupted and is something that could have been avoided altogether.

The Verdict: Try it Once

Linkit - A Christmas Carol is a charming game. The classic hand-drawn illustrations add a nice touch to its unique match mechanics. It also features cheery music that will get you in the mood for the holidays. However, there are no voice-overs and the level of difficulty for later levels suggests that it is not for those who are looking for their very first match three title. Perhaps genre veterans or seniors who are looking for something tricky to pass the time with would have the most fun out of this title. If you think you're up for the challenge, are into classic illustrations and don't mind a little backtracking, then give Linkit a try.

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