Christmas Stories Nutcracker Game

Christmas Stories Nutcracker

A classic Christmas tale tail, with a whole new twist! Help the Nutcracker rescue the princess from the evil Rat King in this memorable hidden-object puzzle adventure game.

You might be too late for the Christmas Ball, but you're just in time for adventure! The Nutcracker needs your help, and there's an army of rats running rampant through the kingdom. Luckily, a few cute little sidekicks have got your back. Uncover the Rat King's evil.

Rating: 92%

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Thwart the Plans of the Pesky Rat King in Christmas Stories: Nutcracker

Christmas Stories: Nutcracker is a gaming take on an oldschool-style (yet pretty modern) fairy tale, and this wholesome adventure is recommended to anyone who is in need of some Christmas cheer. There are three modes of difficulty to choose from, namely, Casual, Advanced and Hardcore. Each of these comes with their own dose of helpful features that affect how the game can assist you during times when you are stumped.

An Invitation

This whimsical Yuletide adventure starts with you receiving an invitation to the Royal Christmas Ball. The butler is sound asleep when you arrive and, with a few interactive clicks, you get a bell to wake him up. He promptly informs you that you arrived too late for the ball. Luckily, if you have your invitation you are still entitled to get a gift from underneath the Christmas tree. You hand over the card and he lets you in. The Nutcracker pops out of your present and informs you of Mary's dollhouse being attacked by an army of rats and kidnapped by the vile Rat King himself. In order to save her, you must use your keen eyes to explore the curious mansion. Follow the rats to find out where the Princess was taken, the Nutcracker can defeat them one at a time. If you're ever stumped, you can rely on an enchanted candle for assistance. There's also an adorable cat who wants nothing more than to become as good a rat catcher as his father.

Engaging Storyline and Gameplay

Even before the story gets narrated, you will get exposed to the interactive aspect of your adventure. In case this is your first time to play a hidden object title, the game play basically involves looking for key items. In order to progress the story, you will need to scour the maps for anything useful. These can then be used to solve puzzles and gain access to new areas. As it is a hidden object game, some items will require you to investigate a single scene to cross things off a checklist. This type of mini game is taken one step further by including blue-colored items which would require you to perform additional actions to count them in. For instance, a "clock" would require you to combine clock hands with a clock face. Though this may sound like a minor thing, it actually makes the game's hidden object puzzles a lot more interesting. We do like the choice of items for these segments as it is kept in-line with the overall Yuletide theme. Expect cheery items such as frosted pine cones, gingerbread trees and the like.

If you like a good mental challenge as much as we do, then you will love Nutcracker. It has a good combination of hidden object puzzles and mini games. Some will put your visual logic to the test by requiring you to complete images. Others will be easier to solve with a good memory, such as one involving taking note of ball colors to match them up with the correct pegs. In case you find yourself unable to complete these mini games, then you can opt to use the Skip feature, that is, if you're playing in Casual difficulty. To make travelling around less tedious, Nutcracker allows you to fast travel to a previously visited location via your Map menu.

The Sights of Christmas

With a chockfull of wonderful details combined with vivid colors, the game visuals are nothing short of a feast for the eyes. Not to be left behind, the audio is also a treat. The music is delicate and refined. The script is well narrated by clear voice-overs that fit each character. And the story, which is loosely based on the classic ballet, will not only make you love your companions, you may even end up sympathizing for the villain.

The only downside to this game is that with its level of detail, some scenes may feel a tad sluggish on regular net books. With that said, this doesn't happen often enough to warrant a real complaint from us.

The Verdict: Totally Worth It

So with all its pros and one measly con, we can say that Christmas Stories: Nutcracker is a worthwhile game for any genre fan. Actually, it's a great title to try for anyone looking for a little Yuletide cheer. Adults, kids and enchanted nutcrackers included.

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