Christmas Stories A Christmas Carol Game

Christmas Stories A Christmas Carol

Everyone deserves a second chance - even the stingiest of them all.

Your Uncle Scrooge asks for your help, but some friendly Christmas ghosts have other plans for him and you. Undo the bad turns in his life as your uncle's alter egos work either with - or against - you to change the man's fate once and for all.

Rating: 90%

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Celebrate Christmas Any Time of the Year with Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol

Regardless if the holidays are coming up or you just want a slice of Christmas any time of the year, Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol may just be the game for you. In this masterful hidden objects game, your uncle happens to be Ebenezer Scrooge. He asks for your help in order to thwart the plans of the Ghosts of Christmas. With four difficulty levels and a multitude of beautifully crafted puzzles, you're sure to be challenged from start to finish. Can you help your uncle change his ways before the Yule celebrations begin?

It's true what they say; you really can't choose your family members. The story starts with Mr. Bah, Humbug himself sending you a letter in order to ask you to come help him. It seems he has been haunted by strange visions and he feels that the death is just around the corner. When you arrive, Ebenezer is sound asleep but the Ghost of Christmas past is more than willing to fill in all the details. In order to save your uncle, you would need to help him redeem himself by altering his past decisions and making him realize the error of his ways. After all, everybody deserves a second chance. Will you be able to give your uncle a change of heart and save him from his dark self?

This Old Fairy Tale Leads You Somewhere New

Staying true to the classic tale, you will get to meet the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come. The goal is to help Ebenezer Scrooge save Tiny Tim, a boy who is seriously ill. It so happens that your uncle is the only one who can bring him the needed medicine. Unfortunately, the bottle is broken so it's up to you to help him set things right.

Let's be clear on one thing: this game has improved upon the already stellar Nutcracker. So if you liked that, then there's no need to hesitate on going for A Christmas Carol as well. The game play is well-balanced. As we've mentioned, there are four difficulty settings to choose from so it's really up to you how tricky you want it to be. In any case, the puzzles never really get frustratingly hard.

Pay Attention to the Details

The mini games either tie-in with the events or set the mood using the game's beautiful environment. They vary from scenario to scenario and they are certainly creative. For instance, one puzzle will require you to arrange books on a shelf according to the number while another will require you to revitalize a plant.

The hidden object segments feature normal items alongside holiday-themed ones to give variety. They can get a tad tricky if you're not too keen at spotting small or unnoticeable objects. The good thing is that the item descriptions are spot-on so you don't ever have to worry about getting things mixed up due to the choice of words.

If you're ever stuck, there is a Hint system in place. It either reveals the location of an object outright (inside the hidden object puzzles) or tells you where to go next. Want to refresh your memory? A Journal keeps track of the game's events. And because you will be required to go back and forth a lot in the course of the story, there is also a convenient fast travel function to boot.

Beautifully Executed

Aside from its well-balance system, A Christmas Carol shines in both audio and graphics. The game is nothing short of stunning, with white wintery landscapes that perfectly match the Yuletide tale. Every detail, from the game's classy color palette to the subtle mist effect, is breathtaking --so much so that it wouldn't be surprising if you would find yourself stopping a minute just to enjoy the view. With thematic music and skillfully narrated voiceovers, the audio doesn't disappoint either. The delicate sounds complete the holiday theme and will undoubtedly immerse you. That being said, we highly recommend playing A Christmas Carol with audible music and effects to maximize the experience.

The Verdict: Worth Every Moment

As expected from Elephant Games, Christmas Stories: A Christmas Carol is a quality hidden objects game. Along with the wonderful graphics and audio, it has a well-written script which will occasionally tickle your insides. It runs flawlessly. Unlike many hidden object games that look equally as promising, you won't get disappointed or confused with the way items are listed. Depending on how experienced you are in hidden object games, you can play this game for a couple of hours up to half a day.

So, is Charles Dickens - A Christmas Carol the game for you? We say go for it if you find the holiday theme interesting. Its only flaw is that it does little to give a unique twist to the genre's formula. Everything else is impressively spot-on.

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